25 years of service has not been a heavy load...

¡it's been a pleasure! 

The secret to our success is attention to quality

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Optimize space, time and cost for all your import and export

Build lasting relashonship with every client and provider one shipment at time

Efficiency, "know-how", quality, trust, flexibility & friendliness

At Advance Cargo, we pride ourselves in maintaining and establishing new, sustainable and responsible logistics relationships between companies and their customers, making us the optimal strategic partner to meet any need you may ask us, whether it be storage, control, handling, packaging, distribution and management.

The process of transport and distribution of products and merchandise is key when defining customer satisfaction. The Advance Cargo team will perfectly complete the entire logistics and supply chain process, minimizing the worries and setbacks that the task may entail.

We will make available to your company the latest technology, the best infrastructure, the most complete information systems and the most prepared team, who will advise you in regards to logistics performance and maximizing your efficiency.


We have the necessary tools to give your company total visibility and transparency in the logistics process, real-time information and contact center service.

We use the most complete management software on the market; an online access platform that allows you to check the status of the logistics activity at all times, in order to have a complete traceability of the acquired goods. Through this tool, it is possible to consult all logistic operations, thus providing the user with total visibility and ability to analyze at all times and intuitively.


Your company will have access to the information of each and every one of the materials that make up your stock, with their respective references, photographs and all the documentation that may be associated.

We will accompany you at all times through an adequate induction process, which will allow you to use the tool properly and according to your needs, in order to maintain the transparency that characterizes us and adequate control at all times during your logistics process.

You can count on us, as well as our software to make sure that your shipment is treated as expected, check that the cargo is the one requested and the service that you entrusted to us.


Advance Cargo is continuously expanding, currently having three physical offices in key international trade points, as well as agents present in places as Asia and Europe.


Our Headquarter is located in Miami, Florida; its strategic location at the crossroads between North and South America, places it as one of the world's leading centers in global trade, which will be available to operate. In the southeastern United States, it has the deepest navigation channel, being the only port that is equipped to handle Neo-Panamax ships. In 2015, the port registered the highest growth among the 10 main ports in the United States, registering a 13.4% increase in TEUs managed since 2014, reaching more than 770,000 TEUs.

In 2018 we opened our office located in Chile, Located in Pudahuel airport. From there, we coordinate all our shipments from the East, China, Hong Kong to South and Central America. We think it is important to highlight that in the last three years, the load received by Chile has cumulated a growth of 30.7%, which is equivalent to more than one million tons

In 2019, we made our last opening, located in the city of Panama, where we expect, due to its interest as an international logistics point, to obtain important results in the short term since 6% of world trade is transported by the Panama Canal.

Our trajectory, as well as our continuous and effective growth, together with the support of our customers, suppliers and equipment. It allows me today to thank you for maintaining your confidence in Advance Cargo and inviting you to continue growing together to reach new horizons.